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Franceraft has been accredited by RESCUE 3 Europe to run training courses in whitewater and flood rescue in France.
Since 1979 Rescue 3 has been the world’s leading provider of technical rescue training in white water and flood areas around the world.
These courses are aimed at emergency services as well as professional whitewater river users.



TheSRT Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician course complies with Defra Module 3 content requirements, and for many years has been seen as the benchmark training course for swiftwater and flood rescue teams. This training course is intended for personnel who may be required to carry out rescues in a swiftwater and flood environment, including emergency services personnel and mountain rescue teams. More





The Whitewater Rescue Technician – Professional (WRT-PRO) course is designed for professional river users who require a rescue capability in a whitewater environment, eg raft guides, safety kayakers. Recreational paddlers should take the WRT-REC course. More



BWRThe Basic Water Rescuer course is designed for personnel who may be deployed to a basic (still) water environment, such as lakes, ponds and canals, where they may be required to undertake rescues. More